Epicurus Business Solutions UK is a recently formed company aiming to establish quality development solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.  We are an organisation that provides Consultancy, Human Resource support and Training and Development solutions to organisations of all sizes within private and public sector, (including not for profit, social enterprises and charitable organisations).

The accurate, effective and strategic development of any organisation is only achievable by getting the most from its primary resource – that is the people who work within it.

Whether an organisation manufactures a product, delivers a service or utilises technology to add value when buying and selling, people are key to the whole process.

The strategic development and growth of every organisation relies on the decisions made by its senior people, Epicurus Business Solutions UK will assist this process and ensure that every individual who works for, or with, your business, adds the maximum amount of value they can.

Using a network of experienced and qualified training and human resource professionals, we can assist you in choosing the optimum solution for your needs.  We are fully registered and experienced in accessing grants and public funding for established and new start organisations of all sizes, which will ensure that you will obtain a return on your investment in a far shorter timeframe than would be otherwise possible.

Please contact us for anything to do with getting the best from your people or human resource activity. 
Examples of what we have been involved with recently include:

If you have a people related enquiry, that you would like to discuss please contact:

Ian Grigg
Managing Director

E-mail: info@epicurusuk.co.uk

Telephone: 0792 168 3558

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